Life is a journey that must be traveled


“We live by the currents,
plan by the tides and follow the sun.”


We are Stratis & Niki,  motivated by the Latin phrase “Amor Fati” (by Nitse) , loving our fate and life no matter what!

Fate brought us together.. No matter what the circumstances, we are always ready to make dreams happen! As Lovers of the ocean, sunsets, traveling and fun, we started this journey and  would  love to share it with you discovering the beauty of each day! 

With our comfortable, traditional boat 14 meters length and 4 meters width, we visit some incredible beaches and explore unique spots, which you can enjoy only by boat at the South Coast of Naxos. 

Starting from Agia Anna Port, which is only 7km from Hora, everyday we begin a new memorable tour  in the Aegean legendary blue sea, accompanied by an exceptional culinary experience of an authentic homemade Greek cuisine & local wine (optional), guiding you through the whole journey.. 

If you choose to join us the only things you will need are: swimsuit, towel, hat, sunscreen, snorkeling gear, sea flippers, camera, passport, covid masks  and your good mood for an amazing experience!